New York Guitarist Matt Marshak brings a unique, one of a kind, handcrafted style of guitar playing. A truly eclectic blend of jazz, urban groove, pop, funk, r&b, world beat, and much more. His style and sound have led him across the globe performing at some of the worlds biggest jazz festivals. The Dubai International Jazz Festival, Panama City's Seabreeze Jazz Festival, The Berk's Jazz Festival, Mallorca Spain's Jazz Festival, Portugal's Algarve Smooth Jazz Festival, Slovakia's Bratislava Jazz Days, Wisconsin's Jazz on the Vine, and many many more. He has performed on the same festival bills with legends such as Santana, Larry Carlton, George Benson, David Sanborn, Fourplay, and many more. He has also headlined and performed with artists such as Alex Bugnon, Nick Colionne, and Four 80 East.

Matt Marshak's latest 2016 recording "New York" brings together a live and organic collection of 'real music." This album was recorded with the band live in the studio without the use of programming, drum machines or loops.  The goal was to capture the human element and interaction between the players. Sean Michael Ray brings his intelligent bass lines, Benjie Porecki lays down his rich and melodic keyboards, and Carl Anderson brings the big beat on the drums. The album was recorded live in Baltimore at Secret Sound Studios in one day without a rehearsal! The opening track "North Carolina" is a soulful mix of melody and groove,  and "Real Music" is a throwback old school jam featuring Ronnie Queen on vocals. There's also "Blues for BB" which celebrates the King of The Blues--BB King.

In 2016 Matt Marshak was also featured with Prince saxophonist Marcus Anderson for a #1 Billboard Jazz song  "Cup of Joe."

Early Days

Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Matt's earliest influences were rock and blues: BB King, Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix to name just a few. He studied guitar with three different local guitar gurus: Joey Casciano, Mike Orioles, Richard Rabatin. All three were very influential in shaping Matt's sound. In college, Matt performed some duet saxophone/guitar straight ahead jazz gigs and explored soul/roots music rhythm guitar. Out of college Matt played in rock bands performing in the New York City area. On one evening, guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple took in a show and praised Matt's unique guitar style.

Around the same time Matt co-wrote the tune "Mets Zone" which was featured on the Mets baseball network's children's show for the team. Matt also developed an original one of kind music program for schools in the New York area. Soon after, Matt also had the chance to perform and work with CD BABY founder Derek Sivers. This was a defining moment for Matt's eventual pursuit as an Indy instrumental jazz recording artist and songwriter.

Matt's ears were eventually captured by the sounds of George Benson, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford. Funk and pop artists such as Prince and James Brown were also a big influence at the time.  Blending the styles of jazz, funk, blues, pop, and r&b were becoming Matt's main focus. Matt spent many nights soaking in music at the IMAC theater in Huntington, NY, The Blue Note in NYC, and The Westbury Music fair. Matt began writing and recording his own original instrumental contemporary jazz/blues tunes. These songs would become his first record "Preservation." This record featured Matt's brother Chris Marshak(drums), Dean Krauss (keys), and Tony Tino (bass).

At the same time he began performing at a club called "Fiddleheads" in Oyster Bay, NY.  He built up a big following and was eventually asked to perform at the famous IMAC theater. This momentum earned the interest of CD101.9, NYC's jazz station at the time. His music was added to the playlist as an indy artist and he was named "Best New Artist in NYC." He also earned the sponsorship of Long Island's Competition BMW Auto Group--all new cars received a copy of Matt's CD.  This was a pivotal moment in Matt's career as an instrumental artist.

Touring and Recording

At this time, Matt had the opportunity to begin touring the country and eventually the world through his new relationship with Mighty Music, NYC. He was getting unprecedented airplay and tour bookings for an artist who was not on a major label. His song "Wind Chill Factor" from the album "Groovosphere" had national airplay and charted on Billboard at the time. Tour stops included many cities in the USA. Eventually Matt was asked to perform in Europe at the Bratislava Jazz Days for the first time. Click here for a video from that time. With this momentum, Matt entered the studio again to record "On The Rocks" with producer Carl Burnett (Branford Marsalis/Larry Carlton). This song and album received airplay and record sales across the world. This record also featured an instrumental version of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire."

The next few years were filled with many dates across the USA. From small cities to big festivals, Matt was on the road for much of this time. He built a loyal and distinct fan base of music enthusiasts who appreciated his original, eclectic, and unique sound. Around this time, Matt met up with Baltimore/DC musicians Carl Anderson (drums), Rodney Williams and Benjie Porecki (keys). This DC/Baltimore sound would become part of Matt's "Family Funktion," and "Urban Folktales" records. NY Bassist Kenny Harris was also a big part of the live show and recordings at the time. Here's a video of Funkology from that time.

Recent Recordings and Happenings

Matt's next recording became "Colors of Me."  From this recording, the retro groove "Cadillac Kid" gained popularity through Sirius/XM radio. Matt next entered the studio to record a totally live project called " Lifestyle." Bass legend Gerald Veasley added to the mix, and tour stops included Mallorca Spain, Augsburg Germany. Seabreeze Jazz Festival, Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival among other great events.

While on tour in North Carolina, Matt gained the interest of Pulaski Furniture. They approached Matt about the idea of a Furniture Line based on the sound and style of Matt's music. This opportunity opened Matt's music to a whole new audience of listeners. Rhythm and Home became a nationwide line of furniture that has been on the market for the last two years. Visit here for more info.

Matt's latest recording "New York" continues to express Matt's vision of jazz and groove music. It is recorded 100% live in the studio with an emphasis on capturing the human element and interaction of the players.  With his trusty Epiphone Sheraton guitar and a real guitar amp, Matt lays down some authentic and organic compositions.

He brings a unique style that blend all genres of music. His audience ranges from teenagers to grown folks who have seen it all. His mission is to create and present music that uplifts and inspires. His vision is to be honest and heartfelt with each and every note. He is guitarist Matt Marshak!

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